Gray & Creech: The Trusted Name for Your Security Camera Systems

About Gray & Creech…

Gray & Creech opened its doors in 1922 as a family-owned business dedicated to helping other North Carolina businesses succeed. For 100 years, we have provided office solutions to help you run more efficient and productive businesses.

As office technology continues to evolve, we continue to evolve our product offerings to keep pace with the needs of today’s business owners. Office security is the next, logical evolution in our expertise. We share it by helping you secure and protect your place of business with the best possible security systems, built with the best outdoor security cameras and cutting-edge security technology.

The times and products have changed, but our commitment and focus haven’t.

We are locally owned, with all of our owners still playing active roles in operating the business. That means we know first-hand what it takes to run a successful, customer-centric enterprise. That knowledge is what’s behind our promise to you, our customer.

At Gray & Creech, we promise to provide the right solutions for your business–both inside and out: the right systems, security, and service, at the right value–every day.

Who We Are

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What We’re About…

We are Gray & Creech.
We serve our clients with honesty, professionalism, and unwavering customer service.
We provide our customers with the best in office and security equipment.
We empower our team to do great work.
We stay until the job is done and never cut corners.
We don’t rest on our laurels, constantly seeking to get better.
We give our word and keep it.
We earn confidence and deliver peace of mind.
We prepare to exceed your expectations at every opportunity by giving our all, every time.

The only person who cares more than us about your business is you. With Gray & Creech, your security just got better.

The Gray & Creech Quality Guarantee

Gray & Creech security products are backed by a 10-year replacement warranty, full on-site training, and 24/7/365 live support with US-based engineers. You’ll be fully adapted to your new, state-of-the-art security system in 30 days or less. Plus, we offer easy financing and leasing options to suit your budget and needs.

The Gray & Creech Mission:
Security Is What We Do

Gray & Creech Security Solutions allows businesses to detect threats, secure their future, and instantly manage routine activities by providing top-quality security equipment, resources, and service. We do this with honesty, integrity, reliability, professionalism, and unwavering customer service.

The Gray & Creech Vision:
How We Help You

We strive to empower your business to reach its full potential, enabling you to mitigate threats big and small, simple and complex, known and unknown, by helping to create workspaces that are safe and secure for owners, managers, employees, and customers.

Verkada Security Cameras Authorized Dealer

We are proud to partner with Verkada to provide our customers with the best security camera systems. Verkada cameras are designed and built with many of the same values we hold dear – integrity, persistence, and teamwork. They also represent the next generation in security technology.

Legacy DVR security systems use outdated analog cameras and needlessly complicate the installation process with extra cables and wires. NVR security systems are equipped with more modern capabilities, but are notoriously expensive, difficult to scale, and prone to unforeseen cybersecurity threats. Verkada cameras leverage leading-edge security technology to provide the most secure, reliable, efficient, and economical security system a business can buy.

From the very beginning, we’ve been extremely selective in choosing our equipment partners. We only represent manufacturers who are able to match our commitment to both excellence and customer service.

Over the years, we’ve partnered with some of the leading names in security, IT, and office equipment, including Microsoft, datto, Xerox, Sharp Electronics, Lexmark, and Epson. Our partnership with Verkada is the latest example of our dedication to putting the best possible equipment in our clients’ hands.

Want to see all that Gray & Creech + Verkada security camera systems can do for your business?

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